Alumina Metallurgical ball mill

Product Description

Metallurgical industry refers to the industrial sector of the exploration, extraction, selection, smelting and rolling of metal minerals, including the black metallurgical industry and the nonferrous metallurgical industry. It is an important raw material industrial department, and it provides the national economic departments Metal materials, but also the material basis for economic development.Metallurgical industry can be divided into black metallurgical industry and nonferrous metallurgical industry, black metallurgy mainly refers to the production of pig iron, steel and ferroalloy (such as ferrochromium, ferromanganese, etc.), nonferrous metallurgical  includes the rest of all kinds of metal production.


Structural principle

The main body of the ball mill is a low-speed rotary cylinder mounted horizontally on two large bearings, which is decelerated by the motor through the reducer and the surrounding large gear, or by the low-speed synchronous motor directly through the peripheral gears.Driving the cylinder rotation, the cylinder is equipped with the appropriate grinding medium – steel ball. Grinding medium under the action of centrifugal force, was raised to a certain height, and was released or leaked state, the material was grinding by the feed port is continuously fed into the interior of the cylinder, pulverized by the moving grinding media, and discharged from the product by means of the power of the overflow and continuous feeding to carry out the next process.


Technical advantages

1. Large motor capacity

2. Bearing running resistance is small, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

3. Can be processed all kinds of non-ferrous metals.

Long Lining life

Strong adaptability to the material.


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