Brazilian barbecue

At the end of the 18th century, Brazilian cowboys often used long swords to simmer and grill on the campfire. Up to now, it has formed a unique Brazilian barbecue. Brazilians eat barbecue meat and like the taste of meat. Because different parts have different tastes, only salt is used to season the meat. The meat skewers are on the brazier, roasted on the fire, sprinkled with coarse salt, and the salt melts and penetrates. When the surface of the meat is cooked, the salt is photographed and the surface is cut with a sharp edge. Brazilian barbecue special performance and focus on the original flavor of the meat, there is a fragrant pine in the delicious and rough taste. It is this taste full of original taste that makes Brazilian barbecue famous.

Brazilian barbecue is a national banquet in Brazil and is very popular among South American countries. After more than 500 years of evolution and the evolution of the famous Brazilian chefs, the Brazilian barbecue has become more sophisticated. Today it has become a brand, a traditional culture, constantly spreading to the rest of the world.

The barbecue is a way of cooking across the American continent and flies to Asia and China. In recent years, Brazilian barbecues have expanded rapidly in major cities in China, swept the north and south of the country, and are deeply loved by the Chinese.