Ceramic ball mill

Product description

Ceramic ball mill is mainly used for the mixing and grinding of materials, and the fineness of the final products is even, thus saving motive power. It can be used in both dry grinding and wet grinding. This machine can adopt different lining board types according to the production need to satisfy different needs of the customers. The fineness of the grinding process is automatically controlled by the grinding time. 

Technical advantages

1.Easy to adjust the products fineness

2. Hollow shaft with cast steel, removable liner, strong adaptability to the material

3. Can continue production

4. Providing unrivaled crushing performance in a variety of crushing, crushing, and ultra-fine crushing operations

5. The machine is running smoothly and working reliably.

6. Rotary gears are cast by hobbing, and the barrel is fitted with a wear-resistant liner with good abrasion resistance.

Technical parameter




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