Ceramsite sand rotary kiln

Product description

Ceramsite sand rotary kiln is used to burn the super fine kaolin or white clay, and its burning temperature can reach 950¡æ¡«1050¡æ. With mature and advanced technology, the Ceramsite sand rotary kiln has the advantages of low energy consumption, high capacity . After dewatering ,decarbonizing, and whitening, the final product can be used in the papermaking and painting industry.

The processed material can be ceramsite sand , clay, bauxite, shale, mudstone, fly ash, coal gangue, industrial sludge and solid waste,etc. and the application can be ceramic concrete, oil fracturing proppant, building materials, fire-resistant insulation materials, water purification, gardening, food and beverage, chemicals, sewage treatment and other industries.

 Technical process

Whatever what kind the raw materials is, the technology process of ceramsite production line generally includes raw material homogenization, granulation, calcinating and cooling. Depending on different types and natures of the raw materials, the technology processes are below:
1. Plastic method process: Applying to clay and argillaceous material, the process is: clay ¡ú plasticizing & homogenizing ¡ú double-roll granulating ¡ú calcining ¡ú cooling ¡ú finished product.
2. Slurry balling process: Applying to coal ash or other powdery raw material, the process is: coal ash ¡ú mixing & homogenizing ¡ú balling & granulating¡ú calcining ¡ú cooling ¡ú finished product.
3. Powder grinding balls process: Applying for shale, coal gangue and similar materials, the process is: shale¡ú drying ¡ú grinding ¡ú prewetting ¡ú balling & granulating¡ú calcining ¡ú cooling ¡ú finished product, additive
4. Crushing (dry method) process: Applying to shale and other similar raw materials, the process is: shale ¡ú crushing & classifing ¡ú calcining ¡ú cooling ¡ú finished product.
5. Fuel: bituminous coal, heavy oil or natural gas, according to local fuel availability. 


1. Simple structure, high unit volume, long furnace life, high running rate, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency, low heat dissipation.
2. Automatic temperature control, over-temperature alarm, waste heat utilization of secondary air, long kiln lining life.
3. Advanced technology and equipment of kiln head & kiln end sealing, stable operation, high yield and other notable features. 

 Technical parameters

Model Rotate speed Inclination Capacity Power Weight
(r/min) (%) (t/d) (kw) (t)
¦µ1.4¡Á33 0.39¡«3.96 3 25 18.5 47.5
¦µ1.6¡Á36 0.26¡«2.63 4 40 22 52
¦µ1.8¡Á45 0.16¡«1.62 4 70 30 78.2
¦µ1.9¡Á39 0.29¡«2.93 4 75 30 77.59
¦µ2.0¡Á40 0.23¡«2.26 3 100 37 119.1
¦µ2.2¡Á45 0.21¡«2.44 3.5 150 45 128.3
¦µ2.5¡Á40 0.44¡«2.44 3.5 250 55 149.61
¦µ2.5¡Á54 0.48¡«1.45 3.5 300 55 196.29
¦µ2.7¡Á42 0.10¡«1.52 3.5 400 55 198.5
¦µ2.8¡Á44 0.437¡«2.18 3.5 600 55 201.58
¦µ3.0¡Á48 0.6¡«3.48 3.5 800 100 237
¦µ3.2¡Á50 0.674¡«3.37 3.5 1000 delicious food

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