Chinese traditional snacks — Ice sugar gourd

Ice-sugar gourd is also called sugar gourd. It is also called sugar pier in Tianjin and sugar ball in Fengyang, Anhui Province. Ice-sugar gourd is a traditional Chinese snack. It strings wild fruits with bamboo sticks and dips them in maltose, which hardens rapidly in the wind. Common snacks in winter in North China are usually strung with hawthorn. Sugar is thin and frozen hard. It tastes sour and sweet, and it is also very ice.

In the Song Dynasty, the ancient practice began, “Yan Jing Sui Shi Ji” records: ice-sugar gourd, with bamboo sticks, through Shanli red, Begonia fruit, grapes, Ma Yam, walnut kernels, bean paste, dipped in ice sugar, sweet and crisp and cold. Tea houses, theatres, streets and alleys can be seen everywhere, and now they have become traditional Chinese snacks. Ice-sugar gourd has the functions of appetizing, nourishing the face, increasing intelligence, eliminating fatigue and clearing away heat.


Emperor Guangzong of the Southern Song Dynasty was named Zhao Tong and was named Shaoxi. During Shaoxi’s reign, Huang Guifei, Song Guangzong’s favorite, fell ill. She is yellow and thin, and she doesn’t want to eat. There are many valuable medicines in Royal Medicine, but they have little effect. When the emperor saw his concubine growing haggard, he also frowned all day. Finally, I had to make a list for medical treatment. “As long as you use ice sugar and red fruits (hawthorn) to boil, you can eat five to ten before each meal, and you’ll get better in less than half a month,” said a river and lake man, who came to the palace to examine Huang Guifei’s pulse. At first, everyone will be suspicious. Fortunately, this method of eating is also suitable for the taste of your concubines. After taking this method, your concubines recovered as scheduled. The emperor was naturally overjoyed and frowned. Later, this practice spread to the people, and the people put it together to sell, it became ice-sugar gourd.


The ice-sugar gourd was most popular in Beijing during the Republic of China. There were several types of sugar gourd in different areas of old Beijing. In food stores, tea shops in parks or movie theaters, the sugar gourd was often sold on white porcelain dishes covered with glass. Its production was exquisite and varied, including Shanlihong, Baihaitang, water chestnut, yam, orange and various kinds of sugar gourds with bean paste, melon seeds and sesame stuffing. 。

Time-honored brand

The earliest candy gourd manufacturers and sellers are the “Bulaoquan”, “Jiulong Zhai”, “Xinyuan Zhai” and other old shops selling honey fruits. Originally located in Qianmen Street and Dongliulichang, “Jiulongzhai” and “Xinyuanzhai”, the candy balls of single red fruit crabapple which were sold at the earliest time are very popular among the people. At the time of the Republic of China, the most famous one was ice-sugar gourds made and sold by Longji Food Store in the South Gate of Dongan Market.

Peddle along the street

In the old days, there was also a kind of sugar gourd, which carried a load or carrying wooden suitcases, bamboo baskets and roared around the streets and sold: “Ah, ice-sugar gourd, newly dipped.” Selling vendors, pick up a wooden plate with bamboo sheets bent into a semi-circular shelf, there are many small holes in the sugar gourd, the other end can be produced on the spot stove, iron pan, case board, knife shovel and sugar, red fruit, yam and other tool raw materials. Because there is no wind and three feet of waves in the Loess streets of old Beijing, the vendors carrying basket and suitcase are often covered with white cleaning cloth to prevent dust. This kind of sugar gourd, not many varieties, moderate price, is also popular.

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