Common troubles In spherical roller Thrust Bearing Operation

As the bearings are broken to various ranges, they’re frequently the result of secondary damage. To effectively put off those bearing problems, you must first examine the utility of spherical roller Thrust Bearing, after which analyze the reasons for this damage.

Bearings overheating purpose:

1. The grease or oil has failed or is chosen incorrectly. The corresponding technique is: pick the proper lubricant or oil and check the compatibility of the fat, oil.

2. The oil level may be shallow, the lubricant is displaced from an oil seal, and the grease in the bearings residence is insufficient.

Measure: The oil ranges must be barely lower than the middle of the backside rolling element, and the grease within the bearing housing ought to be crammed with about 1/3 to 1/2 of space.

3. The oil ranges are just too excessive, or the bearing case grease is filled, which will motive the lubricant to stir sufficiently and reason extreme temperature, oil leakage.

Degree: upload greases to the container to 1/2; if the oil is lubricated, the oil levels barely decrease than the center of the minor rolling detail.

4. fallacious bearing clearance, while there’s warmness go with the flow through the shaft middle, the internal rings will expands excessively.

Measure: take a look at whether or not the clearance of overheated ball bearings is the authentic layout variety. If it is, please use an extra significant elimination and exchange it to  C3 or C3 to C4.

5. The contact (friction) oil seal is very dry, or the spring could be very tight.

Degree: update the touch kind oils seal and lubricate the oil seal floor.

6. The inners hollow of the bearing container isn’t always spherical, the bearing box is distorted, the guide floor isn’t flat, and the inner diameter of the field hollow is too small.

Degree: take a look at the bearing field and internal hollow, and alter the base adjusting piece to be flippantly distributed.

7. Rotating oil seal rub towards the gland, or the shaft shoulder rub towards the bearings seal cap.

Degree: check the going for walks clearance of rotating oil seal to avoid friction and save you misalignment.

8. go positioning or positioning bearings on one shaft, insufficient internal clearance because of immoderate axial expansion.


1. Grease or oil has failed, and the lubricant version isn’t decided on efficiently.

Measure: pick the best lubricant and affirm their compatibility.

2. The oil stage is just too low, or the bearing housing grease is insufficient.

Measure: The oil degree needs to be slightly decreased than the center of the most inferior rolling frame, and the bearing container needs to be filled with grease 1/3 ~  half area.

The mechanical properties cannot meet the layout requirements.

1. The internal clearance of the bearing isn’t always suitable, and the preload force of the bearing is not sufficient: choose an appropriate bearing.

2. particles and dirt in the bearing field have not been eliminated, or mud, water,  and acidic pollution have entered the table all through the operation.

3. The adapter sleeve is over-locked or un-locked.

4. The high-velocity bearing container diameter is not excessive, and the box hollow is deformed and distorted.

5. The shaft diameter is too small, the shaft shoulder length isn’t always the equal,  and it interferes with the bearing.

6. because of excessive shaft diameter or box hollow, the inner clearance of the bearing is just too small.

7. multiple bearings are coupled, ensuing in misalignment