Count the three pink beaches in the world, which one do you most want to go to

The beach is a flat land that rises above the water on the land or water along the water’s edge due to sand siltation.

For the beach, it is always golden or white in the impression that people may still know that there is still pink. The color of the beach, the imagination is just a girl’s heart! Some people say that the pink sand beach is an angel accidentally knocking over the pink pigment, let it fall on the beach and become a beautiful pink beach. Do you really want to go there to see it?

First.  Las Coloradas, Mexico

Las Coloradas is known as the “land of girl powder sky”. Under the sunshine, the pink lake looks like a charm. A romantic atmosphere is also coming, and the salt content is high. When people get into the water, they will It will float naturally, just like the feeling in the Dead Sea, but it feels more romantic than in the Dead Sea. Maybe you will feel very strange, why it will become pink, in fact, pink is because there are many red floats in the water. Biological and saltwater shrimp have created such a beautiful view!

Second, Australia’s Hutt Lagoon

Australia’s Hutt Lagoon is a pink salt lake with a pink color, but the difference is that its pink color is different, and the pink here is caused by a microalgae called Dunaliella salina. It can also be used by human beings in the living industry. From a distance, it is like a painter who knocks over the pink paint on his hands. Every pink is different, but it looks the same and looks good. The girl’s heart of all kinds of pink girls is a wonderful place to take pictures, record the beauty of the world!

Third, the Bahamas: Pink Sand Beach

There are almost 3 miles of pink beaches on Hubble Island in the Bahamas. It is called “the sexiest beach in the world”. The pink here is different from the pink color of Las Coloradas in Mexico. The pink sand here is actually a kind of pink sand. The remains of the unique foraminifera, but before this, the beach was originally white, because the pink “gravel” and the white sand were mixed together, it became the beautiful pink beach, and it is still here.

There is a very clear sea. When you come here, people always have the urge to dive and swim, and put yourself in this ocean! Feel the most beautiful scenery and experience the local customs, it is also a different kind of enjoyment!

The three pink beaches in the world, which one do you most want to go to?