Double Drum Rotary Dryer

Product Description

Our binocular rotary dryer is developed on the basis of traditional monocular rotary dryer structure, and with significant breakthrough and innovation in technology, it has more advantages over other kinds of dyer. In it, the exchange of materials and heat flow is better and more reasonable, and all its thermal indicators are advanced.


1. It has high heat efficiency, and its energy saving capacity is remarkable.
2. Inside the inner cylinder, materials exchange heat with hot air through radiation, convection and conduction, and in the outer cylinder, their heat exchange is achieved by conduction and convection.
3. Its shortened length facilitates its process layout. Its length is 40% shorter than that of monocular dryer, thus reducing the building area of factory as well as project investment.
4. A wide variety of material lifting designs make materials and hot air easier to be fully exchanged with each other.



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