Features Of SKF Bearings

SKF bearings can be divided into sliding SKF bearings and rolling SKF bearings according to the differences in specific structures and working properties. As the name suggests, sliding SKF bearings are flat SKF bearings, with a relatively large contact area, so the degree of wear will be relatively large, that is, the friction coefficient is large. Therefore, sliding SKF bearings require special materials, and anti-friction is its biggest feature. The characteristics of rolling SKF bearings are different from sliding. It converts the sliding friction between the shaft seat and the shaft into rolling friction, which will reduce the loss. Then the inner and outer rings, rolling elements, and cages interact to complete the work.


Regardless of whether it is a rolling SKF bearing or a sliding SKF imported bearing, although their working principles are different, their functions are the same, both of which are to reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical load generated in the process of mechanical power transmission and to support the rotating body of the machine.


SKF bearing is a kind of precision component, which is widely used in various fields. It is divided into many types according to structure or type. The most common classification according to friction properties is rolling bearing and sliding bearing. The two are also different. Obviously, rolling bearings have lower frictional resistance than sliding bearings, and are quick to start and have high efficiency. This is the biggest advantage of rolling bearings compared to sliding bearings. But there are also disadvantages, that is, the size is large and therefore the shock absorption ability is weak, the life is short when running at high speed, and the long-term use will also make a larger abnormal noise. There is another essential difference between SKF rolling bearings and sliding bearings, that is, rolling bearings are in surface contact, while sliding bearings are in point contact. Rolling bearings have large contact surfaces, simple structure, easy operation and easy disassembly; sliding bearings require high lubrication.