Gourmet food: the best place for chocolate lovers

Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

Hershey has the nickname “the sweetest place on earth” and is synonymous with the famous chocolate made there. In fact, Hershey is not a city; it’s a typical town for Hershey Chocolate Factory workers. Today, Hershey is a complete home entertainment venue. Hersheypark has many recreational facilities and roller coasters to enjoy. Hershey’s Chocolate World is Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is famous for its delicate hand-made chocolate and is one of the best places for chocolate lovers. The small country has some top brands – Callebaut, Cote d’Or and Guylian. In addition to eating chocolate in Brussels, there is the Chocolate Museum, a guided chocolate tour in La Maison Du Chocolat, and a chocolate making course by Laurent Gerbaud, one of Belgium’s famous chocolate manufacturers. Chocolate is deeply rooted in Belgium. To commemorate its national cuisine, the Belgian Post Office issued five stamps with chocolate flavor and taste.

Kilchberg and Zurich, Switzerland

One of the most famous chocolate factories is located in Kilchberg. Confiserie CafSpru ngli on Paradeplatz, Zurich, has a cocoa powder truffle cake and a delicate Macaron named Luxemburgerli. Zurich also has the best hot chocolate.

Cologne, Germany

Located on the Rhine River, near the old medieval city is the Imhoff-Stollwerck Museum or the Chocolate Museum in Cologne. Originally an exhibition celebrating 150 years of Stollwerck chocolate, it is now very popular and was converted into a museum in 1993, from cocoa plant cultivation to finished products.

Ooty Uti, India

Uti in India has always been famous for its unique homemade chocolate. Ooty, Queen Hill Station, has some of the best varieties. Ooty chocolate is chewier, more satisfying and more popular with children than commercial chocolate. You can try Moddy’s chocolate, one of Ooty’s oldest chocolate manufacturers.

New York, USA

Big Apple is home to several top chocolate shops. In New York, you absolutely have to visit the Jacques Torres boutique, where you can watch chocolate making and taste some delicious dishes. There are many classic art chocolate creations in SoHo, Kee’s and Marie Belle.

Tabasco and Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico has a vibrant chocolate culture. Hot chocolate is a drink tasted in Oaxaca. Go to Mina Street (Mina Street), enjoy the strong aroma of chocolate, mix with milk or water, and stir until the foam is perfect. Try a pan de YEMA (egg yolk bread), preferably soaked in chocolate in bread! Another place famous for chocolate in Mexico is Tabasco, a town that has become synonymous with chili sauce. Deep in the forest, there is a small cocoa farm where you can take part in guided tours and watch chocolate making.

Accra and Tafu, Ghana

Ghana is the world’s second largest producer of cocoa beans. Tetteh Quarshie planted the first batch of cocoa seeds more than 100 years ago. Visit the first factory at Quarshie Farm near Accra, where you can learn about cocoa production in the country. You can also visit the Cocoa Institute in Tafo, where there are model farms, golf courses and bars.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain was the first European country to come into contact with chocolate during the conquest of the New World. This beverage soon became a popular one among the nobles and continued to be the preferred beverage for breakfast! Many people in Barcelona like to dip fries (fried dough) in thick hot chocolate or croissants (chocolate croissants) – most of them are Granha. Visit Granja Dulcinea, where you can get soft cake-like melindres soaked in hot chocolate.

Turin, Italy

After Italy became a unified country, the charming city of Turin was the first capital, where there would be many tourists and legendary chocolates. The long history of CafTorino, thick black cioccolato caldo (hot chocolate) is the real delicacy. You can also try a delicious mixture of Al bicerin – espresso, hot chocolate and butter in Caffal Bicerin. Not all; Torino hosts the annual Coccola T, a week-long event to celebrate chocolate before Easter, and a chocolate factory in Vitorio Veneto Square to find gianduiotti’s delicious treasure hunt.

Do you know any other delicious chocolate places in the world?

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