Jaw crusher

Product Description

Luoyang Building Materials& architectural design research institute base on the foundation of imported technologies, absorbing others successful experience from domestic and abroad, through a series of experimental research work, we successfully complete the systemic development and research work of preheater and precalciner with independent intellectual property rights, finally we got the ability to provide a series of equipment of 600 ~ 8000 T/D cement clinker production. Our preheating& precalciner system has a series of unique technical characteristics, such as low resistance, high decomposed rate, high fuel adaptability, good anti clogging performance, high operational flexibility and reliable production.

 This machine is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and other industries, for a variety of ores and bulk materials in large pieces and crushing. Maximum compressive strength of the material to be broken for 2000Kg / cm2. Be breaking strength of not more than 320Mpa materials.

Structural principle

When the jaw crusher work, activity on the fixed jaw jaw periodically reciprocating motion, sometimes close, sometimes leave. When approached, the material being squeezed between the two jaw, splitting, the impact was broken; when the left has been broken by the force of gravity and the material discharged from the discharge port.

In the huge stones broken into small stones in the process, the first crusher usually "master" crusher. The oldest and most robust crusher is jaw crusher. When the jaw crusher feed for the material from the top of the entrance into the crushing chamber containing the jaw teeth, jaw teeth to the top of the great power of the material to the wall, it will be broken into smaller stones. Support jaw tooth movement is an eccentric live, this eccentric shaft through the body frame. Eccentric motion is usually fixed at both ends of the shaft of the flywheel generated. Flywheel and eccentric support bearings are often used spherical roller bearings, bearings must withstand tremendous impact loads, abrasive and high temperature water.

Technical advantages

1,Simple structure, easy maintenance

2,Even broken ratio, product size

3,Stable performance, low cost

4,Low noise, less dust

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