Malaysian Durian

The “ancestry” of durian is in: Malaysia.
With its herbal and unique geographical and climatic surroundings, Malaysia produces the maximum right and unique fruit king, durian. The durian in Malaysia will assist you to sincerely revel in the first rate flavor of the king of end result.

Durian turn out to be first of all produced in Malaysia and later added to Thailand.

Durian is likewise called the “king of fruit”. because it’s miles a tropical fruit, it should not be eaten. It should now not be ate up inside 9 hours after eating. if you eat durian, you could consume mangosteen to clear up the warm temperature. Mangosteen is “after fruit”, a natural pair.

Malay durian does not export, and maximum of it’s far going to Singapore. In truth, it’s far no extraordinary from the mainland.

Due to the fact the Malay durian is mature and landed on its very own, it is able to be saved for up to two or three days, and it’s going to crack at the same time as it is previous. The Malays do now not consume the cracked durian, fearing that bacteria will input.

In Malay’s Durian garden, loads of durians fall each day, but no person has ever been killed via the use of durians. The Malays call durians as “eyes” and there are such a lot of eyes that they could see sincerely.

If the durian that fell is bitten thru a squirrel, it’s miles the superb durian.

A small squirrel, a catalyst for durian.

Consuming durian in Malay, like eating sugar in Guangdong, every time night time falls, at the bottom of the bridge, or on the night market, you will see an entire lot of tables and chairs next to the durian automobile, a own family, more than one people, sitting together, percent the durian, because the Malay durian is small, crisp and wealthy, and regularly can see the phenomenon of “one individual and one man or woman”.

The rate of one varies from RMB 10 to RMB forty, mainly relying on the variety.

Malay durian, an expansion of sorts, the doorway is full of aroma, some sorts have a slightly bitter taste,

Whenever you consume the primary one, you can not prevent.