Morning Tea in Canton

Cantonese people like to drink tea, particularly want to visit the teahouse to drink morning tea. As early because the Tongzhi and Guangxu years of the Qing Dynasty, there has been a “centre pavilion” selling morning tea.

Guangdong’s teahouses include morning tea, afternoon tea and night tea, with the most ingesting morning tea. The morning of the tea house opened at spherical 4 within the morning. The tea shop is ready, the waiter comes to ask the tea store to reserve tea and cakes. The cheap one is “one for two”, one for tea and for snacks. similarly to the dried steamed horseshoe cakes and glutinous rice chickens that Cantonese human beings like to devour, the Western-fashion desserts have also been delivered in current years.

Amongs them, Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong, is famous for consuming morning tea. it’s miles a way of life for Guangzhou humans to visit the teahouse to drink tea in the morning. whether or now not it’s miles circle of relatives or pals amassing, they generally want to go to the tea residence, soak a pot of tea, and have snacks. the call of “a piece of two portions”, so taste tea, throat, whole of hunger, taste. most of Guangzhou’s man or woman teas are three times an afternoon inside the morning, within the center and within the nighttime, but the morning tea is the most stressful. The morning tea is also the most well-known. when you consider that drinking morning tea is a tea drink, the nearby tea is referred to as morning tea.

The Guangzhou human beings called tea consuming “sighing tea” (that is, the meaning of entertainment), and there may be still a mantra of “sighing two portions” (that is, enjoying the flavor of a cup of tea and snacks). Guangzhou people pay attention to “meals isn’t uninterested in first-rate”, but the rate of snacks is excessive and espresso, wealthy and horrible. antique humans can be referred to as low cost, and they can’t flow into one or two quantities. rich businessmen can also come to three shark fins.

The teahouses in Guangzhou have a heavier “wealthy and elegant style”. They call the teahouse a teahouse. they may be generally three recollections excessive. the bottom ground is six or seven meters excessive, and the second one and 1/3 floors are about five meters high. it is relaxed and stylish. there may be a single room, a lovely seat, a fantastic hall, and an fashionable middle hall; there are Chinese, Western, Japanese and Southeast Asian styles. The dim sum of the tea house is notable, cute, new, and smart.

There are various famous tea houses in Guangzhou, such as: Tao Taoju, Chengzhulou, Lianxianglou, Huirulou, Xiangzhenlou, Tairulou, and so on., all of which are Guangzhou’s century-antique tea house. The samovar, teahouse and tea room, as soon as referred to as the “Liuguan Pavilion”, had been unfold all around the streets of Yangcheng in advance. among them, Tao Tao has a records of almost 100 years. one of the oldest tea houses in Guangzhou, Kang Youwei, the leader of the Reform movement inside the late Qing Dynasty, often visited Tao Taoju while he became in Guangzhou, and wrote the words “Tao Taoju”. The layout is stylish, and it is well-known for its chinese-style desserts and tea-flavored dishes. It has a extremely good reputation among foreign places chinese language language in Southeast Asia. The tea residence may be very particular approximately tea. The small range manufactured from pink dirt burns the black nucleus to make charcoal. The samovar is a boiling spring water of Kowloon. The scorpion consists of the tea of your desire, and there are unique humans waiting.

In Guangdong cities or rural cities, ingesting tea is frequently accomplished inside the tea house. for instance, on vacations, the whole circle of relatives and younger children board the tea house, take a seat across the desk, drink tea, and talk about state affairs, own family affairs, and matters round them. it is also a joy. among pals and family, I were given a tea residence, pointed out my heart, and communicated with my coronary heart. consequently, despite the fact that many human beings change critiques, negotiate corporation, coordinate work, or maybe younger men and women, they love to apply love (early) tea. that is why the fashion of consuming morning tea can final forever. more extended motives for growth.

It is clearly well worth noting that “eat morning tea” does now not imply ingesting tea. The essence is that the restaurant “eats breakfast”, but its content material is far from the simple “tea eating” phrase can be summarized.