Oil shale

Product Description

Comprehensive utilization of oil shale, oil sand and asphalt rock


1. The Introduction of Technology Process

(1) the Technology of Heating Carrier for Solid-state

The high temperature tailing residue after retorting is returned to the material, and the material is directly contacted and heated, so as to save the energy needed for heating raw materials, and improve the heating efficiency. Make full use of heat energy.

The process system is divided into raw material treatment system, continuous rotary heating furnace, combustion air system and burner furnace control system, flue gas treatment system, hydrocarbon steam recovery system, etc..

(2) the Technology of Gas Heating Carrier Retorting

By heating the hot air and the material fully contact heat exchange, to achieve the oil shale gas separation and separation, the collection of treatment process. Dry distillation for bulk dry oil shale.

The process system is divided into raw material pretreatment system, vertical fluidized bed, combustion heating system, flue gas treatment system, hydrocarbon steam cooling recovery and separation system.


2. The Technical Advantages

(1) the Technical Advantages of Heating Carrier for Solid-state

a. the process is simple and easy operating, while the equipment with powerful features;

b. energy self-sufficiency, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption;

c. continuous processing, more output;

d. The oil recovery rate is high, as well as the utilization ratio of raw materials;

e. high quality of oil products;

f. The operation process is agile and flexible;


3. The Example of Case

ETCH pyrolysis process


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