Oil sludge treatment equipment

Product Description

Provided a set of oi sludge treatment solutions, gas, liquid, solid can be treated in the whole process without leakage and emissions, all above can be recycling completely. It is a scientific environmental treatment process.

    The process realize the separation of oil, sludge and water. Mounted design, 20 feet standard container combination, specified with 5 cubic / hour, 10 cubic / hour configuration. Relevant emission meet national requirements.



The product used oil regeneration system is particularly suitable to filtering used internal – combustion engine oil including diesel engine oil, gasoline engine oil and used hydraulic oil, other used machinery’s lubrication oil. Recycling series are able to effectively remove colloid, oxid, acid, pitch, particles, impurities, water, gas in the used oil. Specially, the product can restore the color of used oil and remove the scent rapidly.

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