Sand& stone production line

Crusher equipment as the  main mining equipment, mainly for the different sizes of crushed stone, crusher  equipment are jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher
Feed size  :¡Ü1500mm
Applicable material :River gravel,  granite, basalt, ironstone, limestone, quartz stone, diabase, construction  waste, iron ore, gold
Application :Sand-stone quarry,  mining, coal mining, concrete batching plant, dry powder mortar, power plant  desulfurization, quartz sand


Crusher equipment as the main mining equipment, mainly  for the different sizes of crushed stone, crusher equipment are jaw crusher,  impact crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher equipment. In order to meet the  needs of breaking the high strength and high hardness micro carbon ferrochrome  in metallurgy, mining, construction and other industrial sectors, LCDRI  developed the multipurpose crushers.

Process introduction

Crusher is generally used to deal with larger pieces of  material, and product size is coarse, usually greater than 8 mm. Its structural  feature is that there is a certain gap between the broken pieces, and they do  not touch each other. Crusher can be divided into coarse crusher, middle crusher  and fine crusher.


According to the crushing  methods and mechanical structure characteristics (action principle), they are  divided into six kinds in general:
(1) Jaw  crusher. Its moving jaw plate periodically presses to fixed jaw  plate to crush the ore sandwiched between them.
(2) Cone  crusher. The ore block is between the two inner and outer cones, the  outer cone is fixed, the inner cone is eccentrically swinging, and the ore block  between them is crushed or broken.
(3) Roller crusher. The  ore block is mainly subjected to continuous crushing in the slot between two  opposite rotating round rollers. This kind of crusher also has grinding and  stripping functions, and its toothed roll surface also has a splitting  action.
(4) Impact crusher. The ore block is crushed by the  impact of the rapidly rotating moving parts. This category can be divided into:  hammer crusher; cage crusher; reaction crusher.
(5) Grinding  mill. The ore is crushed by the impact and grinding functions of the  grinding medium (steel ball, steel bar, gravel or ore block) in the rotating  cylinder.

A. Roller mill: grind  material by rotating rollers.
B. Pan mill: use rotating disc  with vertical or horizontal axis as a crushing part.
C. Centrifugal  mill: Take use of centrifugal forces between high speed rotating parts  and grinding medium to perform crushing action.
D. Vibrating  mill: Take use of the high frequency vibration produced by rotating  shafts, so that the grinding medium and materials strike against each other and  crushing action is realized.
Various crushers have different specifications  and different ranges of use. Jaw crusher or gyratory cone crusher is usually  used for coarse crushing; standard cone crusher for medium crushing; and short  head cone crusher for fine crushing.




The wide product range enables  us to provide our customers with stand-alone machines or complete processing  plants. Based on our customers¡¯ request and budget, our experts make efficient,  reliable solutions. Following customers¡¯ order we produce strictly, what¡¯s more,  before placing the order every customer has the chance to visit LCDRI working  machines or complete plant in the site.


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