Sichuan Hot Pot

Sichuan hot pot is mainly spicy and spicy, like to eat spicy food can not resist the temptation of Sichuan hot pot. If you really want to eat authentic Sichuan hotpot, it’s better to go to Sichuan local, where you can not only feel the original flavor of Sichuan hotpot, but also feel the enthusiasm of the local people, understand the local culture, and visit the scenic spots in Sichuan, which is a good place to relax!

As early as the Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty, there were hot pots, but there were not as many kinds of hot pots and side dishes as there are now. Sichuan hotpot actually came from the Yangtze River. At that time, earthen pots were used as hotpot pots. Hotpot soup was placed in the pot, together with many kinds of vegetable that you like to eat, and pepper and pepper were added. At that time, the way of eating was so simple. Hotpot was becoming more and more convenient to people after many years of evolution, so of course, the taste was more and more!

Everyone knows that the coolies will become sticks in Sichuan. In fact, early Sichuan mainly developed transportation on water. There were many coolies on board. The weather on the boat was very cold. In order to drive out the cold, several people cooked while eating. For a long time, they constantly added various kinds of side dishes to it and ate with relish. Slowly this eating method was spread, and evolved into over-hot can be eaten, economic and convenient. It was not until the Republic of China that hawkers moved it into small shops to sell it.

Sichuan hotpot is characterized by its fragrance, spicy and hot. People who eat hot pot cook it once, and its brine is also made after years of research. Of course, Sichuan hotpot has many kinds and tastes, so we must make a little effort when we eat, do some homework to ensure that we can eat authentic hotpot. Hot pot tastes very attractive, the dishes are very fresh, and all kinds of sauce dishes are optionally selected. It’s really interesting.

Sichuan’s hot pot taste is more popular. According to the evolution of hot pot, in order to satisfy your different preferences, the taste of hot pot has been diversified, and its ingredients and basic sauces have developed to dozens of kinds, suitable for more people to eat! There are also ingredients, no matter what kind of mountain delicacies, only you can not imagine, there is no Sichuan hotpot. Of course, the only dish that you have to eat is Sichuan’s furry stomach, which you can eat with a rinse. Sichuan hotpot production is very exquisite, soup boiling and raw material processing, as well as sauce dish preparation and dish placement, and finally boiling are very exquisite, with artistic.

Hot pot ingredients and health can be effectively linked, eating hot pot often eat sweat dripping, in fact, it has a certain role in the treatment of cold, can dispel rheumatism, hot pot dishes are more comprehensive, so its nutritional value is very high, buckwheat collocation, very scientific, even in the hot pot will cook some fish head or turtle and other supplementary food, can rise. To a certain extent, health care can also play a supporting role in the treatment of some diseases.

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