The basis for distinguishing high-speed bearing from low-speed bearing

The basis for distinguishing high-speed bearing from low-speed bearing:

Due to the use of the way is different, so the bearing can be divided into the high-speed and low-speed bearing bearing, but that being said, they distinguish basis is not a simple from turn to turn to count how many circles, some low-speed bearing its speed can reach nearly tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, but some though called high-speed bearing, its RPM is just a few hundred, they distinguish basis is the linear velocity to distinguish between bearing, high linear velocity is high speed bearing, low linear velocity is low speed bearings.

The types of high-speed and low-speed bearings are different:

Low speed bearings usually use rolling bearings, high speed general sliding bearings, that is, in the bearing responsible for the rotation of the place is different, low speed bearings of this kind it is used inside is a circular, cylindrical, even conical rotor; And high – speed bearing is to use bearing pad.


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