Vertical Coal Mill

Product Description

The vertical coal mill manufactured is widely used in coal pulverizing system of various industries such as power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, etc.Particularly, this bituminous coal grinding machine is largely used in positive pressure direct-firing coal pulverizing system of fuel soft coal. It is an ideal choice for grinding medium hardness materials like soft coal.

The wind swept coal grinding machine operation of the vertical mill, by adjusting the air temperature and air flow, but coal grinding and drying moisture up to 10%, the large quantity to solve the high moisture drying requirements.

Apart from low unit power consumption, small floor space, simple system, low noise, reliable operation, etc. similarly featured by general medium speed coal mill, this vertical coal mill is also specially characterized by large crushing ratio, long service life of grinding parts, small change of power output in whole operation cycle, wide range of applicability to materials, perfect applicability in both high and low load, etc.


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