Winter Olympics delayed, economic downturn, where is the Japanese economic way out.

Cumulative diagnosis and deaths: As of 11:00 pm on the 3rd local time, Japan has diagnosed a total of 999 cases of new crown pneumonia, including 279 people infected and Chinese tourists in Japan, and passengers and crew members of the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship. Seven hundred six people, and 14 people who returned to Japan by charter flights from the Japanese government. Among them, six died of new crown pneumonia in Japan, and six died of “Diamond Princess.” The total number of deaths was 12.

Impact on the economy/stock market: The Bank of Japan Governor Tokuhiko Kuroda issued a speech on the 2nd, saying that measures will be taken to stabilize the market. The Japanese stock market ended a 6-day decline on the day, and the Nikkei 225 index rose 1%. On the 3rd, due to the surge in U.S. stocks, the Nikkei 225 index rose sharply at the opening. However, because investors were still worried about the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the broader market subsequently fluctuated downward and fell 1.22% at the end.

Government measures: 1. The Japanese National Assembly continued discussions on the response to the new crown epidemic on the 3rd. Prime Minister Abe called for the flexible use of 270 billion yen in emergency funds to subsidize employees who need temporary leave to take care of suspended students.

2. The Japanese ruling party also reached an agreement with the main opposition party on the 3rd. It will hold a party summit on the 4th to discuss legislative matters related to the announcement of the state of emergency.

On the 3rd and 3rd, the Japanese government also decided to use 2.2 billion yen in emergency funds to purchase 3.2 million masks and send them to Hokkaido, which will be distributed according to the standard of 40 per household.

People’s daily life: On March 3, the number of confirmed diagnoses in Hokkaido, which has declared a state of emergency, has increased to 79. The number of people on the streets in major cities such as Sapporo has significantly decreased, a large number of public facilities such as zoos have ceased operations, and commercial facilities such as supermarkets and department stores have been shortened. A time or temporary closure.

Most commercial facilities and public transportation in major cities such as Tokyo are operating normally, and some of the customers are mainly Chinese tourists and elderly restaurants.

In some parts of Kanto, there is a tide of buying toilet paper, but significant suppliers have stated that there is sufficient supply, and it will not lead to stockouts. The proportion of pedestrians wearing masks on the streets of major cities continues to rise. However, the amount of supplies in drug stores and supermarkets continues to be tight, and it is still difficult for ordinary people to buy.

Also, affected by the epidemic, the Japanese Olympic Minister Masako Hashimoto said on the 3rd that according to the contract signed by the International Olympic Committee and Tokyo, the Tokyo Olympics could be postponed as long as it is held in 2020.

The new coronavirus beginning in 2020 will cause Japan and the entire world to fall into a panic. The average economic production and life are disrupted, the start of school and school are postponed, and regular travel is restricted, which has caused some industries a fatal blow.

But working in the construction industry at the same time can focus on small and excellent projects such as lightweight foam concrete. On the one hand, it is because the investment of lightweight foam concrete equipment is low, and the technology of foamed cement is relatively comprehensive, and the application demand is significant. Foamed cement products are pervasive, including foamed cement insulation boards, lightweight partition boards, non-steaming blocks, roof insulation, and ground backfill. Most of these products are used as modularity in building housing, which can be quickly spliced ​​or shaped to achieve standardized construction. Therefore, future market demand is still huge. At present, the prefabricated integrated buildings and 3D printed structures in the Japanese use lightweight foam concrete blocks(CLC). At the same time, the materials for making lightweight concrete are simply cement, fly ash, mineral powder, fibers, foaming agents, concrete plasticizer, foam stabilizers, reinforcing agents, and so on.  Foamed concrete is not independent in the history of world architecture. It is a miracle that the buildings made from animal blood used in the pyramids of ancient Egypt can be preserved to this day. No matter how the world economy develops, we must return to the people-oriented principle. It is all about eating, wearing, living, and walking. The housing construction problems in various countries have played an essential role in driving economic development. Therefore, after the epidemic, the state will focus on infrastructure and the housing industry. There are breakthroughs in this industry, and new bright spots are bound to unearth a large bucket of real gold.