You are sweet, you are pineapple, I am sour, I am pineapple.

In this world, there must be a lot of things that make you stupid:
Strawberry and strawberry
Kiwi and kiwi
Yogurt and Yogurt
Pineapple and pineapple

Pineapple and pineapple, the pineapple has thorns on the edges of the leaves, and after peeling, they have to dig out the “black eyes”. The leaves of pineapples have no thorns, and the fruits do not need to be “black eyes.”
In fact, these people really think too much. Because pineapple is simply a pineapple! Botanically, it is called Ananas comosus.

Regardless of whether there is “black eye”, it is the difference between the varieties, just like the watermelon and the watermelon, it is a truth. The fruit merchants in the mainland often call the thorn-free, skin-green variety a pineapple, and the thorny, leaf-toothed pineapple. Then say “pineapple” is sweeter and better, because it can be sold more expensive.

Why is it called pineapple? Also screaming pineapple?
Pineapple is native to Brazil and is an important food for locals. However, its footprint has not gone out of the Americas. It was not until the beginning of the 16th century that the maritime era came and the tropical countries began to introduce them.

The name of the pineapple is taken by the people of Taiwan. According to the “Taiwan House”, “The fruit is born in the leaves, the skin is like pineapple and yellow, the liquid is sweet and sour, because the tip has a green leaf like a phoenix tail, hence the name pineapple.” In addition, “pineapple” in Minnan The pronunciation is “Wang Lai”, so it also symbolizes good luck in some areas.

After being introduced to the mainland, because it looked a bit like jackfruit, it was called “pineapple” when everyone went there.

Pineapple, the scientific name Ananas comosus, edible parts are figs, ovate cylindrical, yellow or dark yellow, produced in southern China and Fujian, Yunnan and other provinces.

There are four main categories of pineapples, namely cain, queen, spanish and hybrid. We usually eat fresh, mainly queens and hybrids. Carbine has a higher acidity, so it is generally only canned. However, the freshly eaten pineapples that the northern people buy at the fruit shop are often the most suitable for canning, so some people feel sour and taste a bit worse than the pineapples produced in Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries.