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Dry Type Current Transformer: Principles, Applications and Future Development


In power systems, current transformers are one of the most important devices. They can convert large currents into small currents, thereby facilitating the use of measurement and protection devices. With the development of technology, the Dry Type of Current Transformer has gradually become a mainstream product. This article will detail the working principle, application and future development trend of Dry Type Current Transformer.

(Dry Type Current Transformer)

How Dry Type Current Transformer Works

A current transformer is a device based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is mainly composed of primary winding, secondary winding and iron core. When the primary winding passes the measured current, a magnetic field will be generated in the iron core, and this magnetic field will be induced into the secondary winding, thereby generating a corresponding induced electromotive force. With appropriate transformation ratio settings, the output current of the secondary winding can reflect the input current of the primary winding.

Compared with traditional oil-immersed current transformers, the biggest feature of Dry Type Current Transformer is that it does not require oil as an insulating medium. Instead, polymer materials are used as the insulating medium. This material has high electrical strength and good thermal stability, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment in harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity.

Application of Dry Type Current Transformer

  1. Current measurement: By measuring the output current of the secondary winding, the input current of the primary winding can be calculated, thereby achieving accurate measurement of large currents.
  2. Relay protection:Dry Type Current Transformers can be used in relay protection devices of power systems. When a fault occurs, it can quickly cut off the fault line and protect the safety of the entire system.
  3. Automatic control:By combining the Dry Type Current Transformer with the control system, automatic control of the power system can be realized, and the stability and reliability of the system can be improved.
  4. Energy saving and emission reduction:In the new energy field, Dry Type Current Transformers can be used in photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and other systems to achieve efficient energy utilization and emission reduction.

The future development trend of Dry Type Current Transformer

With the continuous progression of technology and increasing application requirements, Dry Type Current Transformer will show the following development trends in the future:

  1. High precision:With the continuous development of power systems, the accuracy requirements for current measurements are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, a current transformer must continuously improve its measurement accuracy to meet actual needs.
  2. Miniaturization:As power equipment continues to become compact, Dry Type Current Transformer also needs to continuously reduce its size to better adapt to the needs of various compact equipment.
  3. Intelligentization: With the development of technologies such as the IOT and cloud computing, the intelligence of power systems has become a trend. A type of current transformer must be combined with these technologies to achieve intelligent development.
  4. Environmental protection:With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, the environmental performance of Dry Type Current Transformers has also received more and more attention. The application of environmentally friendly materials and technologies will become an important development direction of the Dry Type Current Transformer.
  5. Customization:Different application scenarios have different requirements for current transformers. In the future, the design and production of dry-type current transformers will focus more on customized services to meet the needs of separate customers.
(Dry Type Current Transformer)

In short, as an important power equipment, the Dry Type Current Transformer will continue to play an important role in the future power system. With the continuous development of technology, its performance and application fields will also be further expanded and improved.

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